Help for the Hopelessly Unorganized

Answers for the Aimless

Deliverance for the Despairing

Hope for the Downhearted

What if i told you it doesn't have to be exhausting, that you could maintain order with some simple steps. This book will help you get organized and back on track.

Organization With Ease

A thorough handbook to help you organize all aspects in your home. You’ll bring order to your house and family. You’ll gain a new sense of peace. Learn the history behind proven methods and enjoy worksheets that you can print (from ebook) or easily rip out (from the hard copy). The worksheets are actionable plans you can easily use in your life and home.
carla hofstee

Hi, I’m Carla Hofstee

When all of my 12 children were home, in an average month at our house  we washed 170-180 loads of laundry, matched 420 pairs of socks, made 240 school lunches, averaged 60-70 hours of homework, and maintained a 5,000 square-foot home without hired help. I wrote “Organization With Ease” as guide and workbook to help you achieve success in your home.