Teaching Topics and Information


Carla is going to start offering weekly 1½ hour classes in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho for people who need help learning how to deal with household clutter and organization. Her goal is to teach one topic a week with students, then give them a homework assignment to accomplish the following week using the information they learned in the class. With this plan, people with busy lives can achieve easy goals and bring order to their entire household, one area at a time. With support, encouragement and education, we can bring the necessary changes needed in our homes.


Click HERE for class schedule. Email or call Carla about class registration and payment options HERE.


Interested in hosting a class or seminar?

Carla offers short classes that can be tailored to a specific allotted time or a series of classes.
She also offers 2-3 hour seminars packed with information dramas and humor.


Class topics:

  1. Learn how to declutter
  2. Household organization
  3. Personal organization & management
  4. Schedules & priorities
  5. Time management tips
  6. Organizing children – Bedroom & personal items
  7. Keeping children organized & motivated
  8. Menu planning & tips
  9. Holiday planning & preparation
  10. Hofstee family story

These class topics can be taught as an individual class or in a weekly class series. All classes can be tailored to a specific event time frame. Students will learn how to declutter each space with step by step instructions, learn organization tips and specific storage ideas.