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 My name is Hollie George and I am giving Carla Hofstee an amazing review. Since knowing Carla she is “fantastic” at organizing things. She is very detailed, skilled, and has a lot of wise information to teach everyone. She is so dedicated to helping people it is unbelievable. She has the hand of God walking with her, and she just is like a guardian angel when she tries to help anyone get organized. The one thing that she does have is PATIENCE!!!!!!!! For me personally, I am a slow learner, and she helped me learn that its ok to go slow and when she teaches a class she makes sure that you are understanding the information before she moves on to a different task or subject. Her house is well organized, and having so many kids I don’t know how she does it! She is a blessing in disguise. Everyone should know Carla and learn from her!!!!!!!! 

Hollie George

As a wife, mother, and a supervisor at the company I work for, I have learned so much from Carla Hofstee and how to manage my time, stay organized, and yet still have balance in my life.  As women we are always on the run as soon as our feet hit the floor in the morning. I have really benefited using Carla’s information like the 15 minute system with our children, having a day where you prepare different meals and freeze them for the busy week ahead, or her simple laundry system, has really helped me in my family life, career and still have time for me. I would highly recommend Carla Hofstee’s book Organization with Ease or attending one of her seminars if your ready for some balance in your life!!!

Michelle Grosman

Hi Carla!

The first meeting where I met you was at MOPS at the Newport Assembly Church. I was impressed with your warm, engaging presentation, and nearly fell out of my chair when you said you were the mother of twelve! That definitely caught my attention, since I only had three children.
Later on, when I began helping you edit your book, I saw firsthand how you lived out your advice. Your house spotless, the obvious warmth that filled the house making it a home, and all the organizational systems in place. Amazing!
I remember one time I stayed later than usual and your children came home. A pan of cinnamon rolls awaited them, and even though they all wanted your attention, yet you waited on them patiently. You are an inspiration!
Hope these memories help you out.

I’ve attended many of Carla’s classes and seminars. The methods, shortcuts and tips have been a great help for my home. But the best part of the classes is Carla, herself. She is warm, uplifting, and FUN. I always leave encouraged and with an “I can do this” mind set. She is also very accessible if you have questions at a later time.  Her classes are time well spent.

Kim Lauri

I have been a close friend of Carla’s for over 20 years and I am always amazed at the compassion she has for women of all ages.  She truly has a heart for teaching and training women to be effective, productive, thankful and joyful, no matter what season of life they may be experiencing. 
I have attended four of her seminars over the years and always leave with new tips and ideas that I can put into practice right away!  But the  best part is just being encouraged and uplifted by Carla’s warmth, wisdom and down-to-earth creativity!  You will truly be amazed at what you will learn and what FUN you will have in any of her classes!
Janie Riley

I have attended a number of Carla’s classes and cannot say enough of how they changed my life. I too have a very large family and needed help with organization.
Her ideas on laundry organization were a lifesaver, and meal preparation for my big family saved me so much in the long run. She is so fun and creative and you will fall in love with her immediately!
Rachel Miller

I’ve attended many of Carla’s classes and seminars and always leave with the mindset that “I can do this”! I’ve learned so many tips, shortcuts, and tried and true methods that my home is being transformed. But the best reason to sign-up is Carla. She is down-to-earth and so ENCOURAGING and FUN!
Susan George

Highly recommend Carla both as a person and a professional. She has an amazing gift of organization. She is able to take proven principles and customize them for an individual’s situation. She is very encouraging and can help anyone gain back hope in a time frame that doesn’t overwhelm them with patience and kindness.  Carla is the best!

Workshop Attendee

Hi, I have known Carla for many years, I met her when she was our woman’s ministry leader at New Life Church. I had the privilege of working with her and watching her as a Christian and a leader in an environment that could be quiet demanding . We became fast friends and I was blessed to watch her and witness that Carla was the same woman away from the church as she was  in the church.
I have been to Carla’s  home and witnessed first hand her dedication to organization, she doesn’t just teach it, she lives it!!  I have attended Carla’s Organization seminars that always deliver fun & easy ways to accomplish getting your house in order so that you can get your head in order (organization and decluttering  give you peace of mind).  She makes it fun and rewarding to stay on top of things so you have order in your life. Her decluttering ideas will make your dreaded job of house cleaning a breeze and you will feel so much better when you learn the tricks of the trade. I can’t say enough nice things about this woman, she is an example of a woman that we all desire to be but she does it without making us feel judged or inadequate. Give her a call or sign up for one of her classes, you won’t be disappointed and it won’t be your last class, there is just to much to learn in one class. Now get to it!!  Don’t waist anymore time thinking about it!! Your only a class away from being free from your stuff…
Workshop Attendee

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